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Top 10 Xbox One Games

Now that the Xbox One console has been out for several years, the library of games it has is both large and diverse. Accompanying these games are the hundreds of backwards compatible titles from the Xbox 360 which gives Xbox One owners a huge amount of games to enjoy. We have graphical powerhouse games that really show off the hardware but we also have smaller games or games which, whilst maybe not as graphically impressive, provide a huge number of hours for gamers to sink their teeth into.

Narrowing the list down to just 10 games is difficult as there are several other titles which could easily have made my list.

These following games are in no particular order as each offer something different. Ranking a multiplayer game higher simply because I’ve played more hours is understandable, but a single player game may have had more of a lasting effect on me.

So let us get stuck in! My Top 10 Xbox One Games!

Halo 5halo-1980x1080.jpg

A decent campaign which disappointed many (and to an extent myself) with a lack of playable Master Chief. Still enjoyable but also quite a short campaign compared to other games in the series. The complete lack of split screen coop also didn’t do the game any favours with many people not able to enjoy it like they had previous Halo campaigns.

The multiplayer introduced more modern features such as sprint and shoulder charge which added to the gameplay, but again, divided fans. I enjoy these additions as well as the ground pound. The introduction of Warzone was also a major addition to the game with great support from 343i still continuing today.

All up, a fantastic console shooter that still stands up the top of the pack.


Forza Horizon 337a641e9-9a23-4826-927a-b9ebd7cd5c91.jpg

First off, Playground Games absolutely nailed the look and feel of Australia even though the map is not at all realistic to how those Australian places are actually laid out. A graphical powerhouse for the console, this game often looks better than most track racers. The attention to detail and the sounds are simply incredible. From a huge campaign, almost limitless online racing plus perhaps two of the greatest DLC packs in Blizzard Mountain and Hot Wheels, Forza Horizon 3 is amazing. A great open world racer and one of my favourite racing games of all time.


Quantum Break2916103-quantum-break-gunfight.jpg

An example of people wanting single player games but not supporting them. The premise of including several TV style episodes into the product was great I found. Directed and acted well from all involved, it really added to this world that was created. Beautiful to look at, great to listen to with fast and fluid gunplay, this game was Remedy at their usual best. Another game to add to their stellar previous games. My only criticism would be the short single player length and not much replayability. But what a ride it was while it lasted. Add this to your collection.


The Witcher 3all-free-dlc-for-the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-now-avail_h3kx.jpg

Simply put, one of the finest video games ever made. I can’t sling enough praise at this game. From the incredibly alive open world, the gorgeous graphics, beautiful sounds and music, with side quests that are more in depth and enjoyable than most other games main campaigns. Characters that are fleshed out and feel likereal people whilst also giving the player great freedom in how they play and the gear they use. Another game which built upon the base game with incredible DLC, all it did was make an already amazing game even better. A game that needs to be experienced.



A game that everyone has an opinion on. If this list was based on hours played, this would be number one. Shooting aliens with a group of friends in a Strike or Raid and levelling up your character is a great experience. Whatever you are playing you are always acquiring new weapons, armour, emblems, sparrows etc. A game that took a full year to really find its place and correct some of the mistakes of the original with the release of The Taken King. With a great world created and some of the most interesting weapons and lore in any game, this is a game which will grab you and wont let go…or you will delete it never to return to this mess. A game definitely worth trying.


Elder Scrolls OnlineESO2.png

By all accounts the Elder Scrolls Online has evolved since its initial launch into an absolutely massive game. With tonnes of quests and side quests to participate in I definitely got my monies worth. Questing with a friend makes it much more enjoyable especially when running classes or having skills that compliment each other. A great looking MMO with a gigantic world to explore, this was my first true MMO that I played alot of. It only gets better and will benefit from the update for the Xbox One X. After already being a devout Elder Scrolls fan, this game did not disappoint me at all once it landed on Xbox One.


Gears of War 4gears-of-war-4.jpg

Stunning to look at, even better to play. Starting a new trilogy with these characters is not easy but The Coalition did a great job. With great set pieces and environmental effects this already great looking game is going to melt your eyeballs on the Xbox One X running in 4K. Not a huge fan of the PvP but the return of Horde mode is a blast and the campaign is great to replay at higher difficulties. This exceeded my expectations for a first Gears game this gen and I can’t wait for the sequel.


Life Is Strangelife-is-strange-listing-thumb-01-us-06feb15.png

Already being a fan of the Telltale series of games, I knew this would be a good game to play to break up the intense AAA action and multiplayer games I was already playing. I just didn’t know how much I would like it. Easily earning its place on my list, this game has great characters, a great story and a perfect location for everything to take place. It’s a game that you must play to fully appreciate just how great it is. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Play it.


Sunset Overdrivemaxresdefault.jpg

Along with Quantum Break, an amazing game for those wanting a focus on single player campaigns. The art style, tongue-in-cheek style humour and fantastic gameplay mechanics make this game a must play. I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that interested in it until I played it whereby it won me over in a matter of minutes. Once you practice and master the controls, the amount of freedom for the player is great. Smoothly stringing together different movements whilst shooting all matter of crazy weapons is some of the most fun I’ve had with any game all generation.


Rise of the Tomb RaiderRise-of-the-Tomb-Raider-Co-Op-Endurance.jpg

These newer Tomb Raider games just keep getting better and better for me. The main strength of them is just how great and likeable they have made Lara. From the detail in the character model to the stunningly beautiful environments, this is a stunning game to look at. With great gameplay combining shooting mechanics and stealth, coupled with some RPG elements, I had a great time in this action adventure. With an interesting story, good cast of characters set amongst some top action sequences, this is another game for all those wanting more single player games.


So there we go, MaxPower’s top 10 Xbox One games. There were a number of games I left off the list but there are many more that are fantastic to play many of which are very cheap nowadays. Perhaps I’ll do an honourable mentions list….


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