Sea Of Thieves 

Sea Of Thieves – Skull Clouds, Vaults & Skeleton Forts!

Skeleton Forts, skull clouds and islands full of skeletons. Rare keep dishing out more and more Sea of Thieves information as each day passes and we approach launch. 

With the emergent systems within Sea of Thieves already such as the storms and shipwrecks, we have other similar systems that will come into play once the game launches in March. For anyone thats played Sea Of Thieves in the beta or the scale test would have seen islands with large forts on them with skeletons hanging around but these areas within the game world will have alot more going on in the final game and add to the content that people want to know will be there. There will only be one Skull Fort active at a time according to Andrew Preston who is the senior designer on the game and this will be seen by a huge skull cloud which will loom over the island and the lighting surrounding the area will change. Now, with such a large cloud hovering over an island which can be seen over great distances, what do you think will start to happen when one appears? It is going to draw possible enemy ships towards it for multiple crews to battle it out on the island. Waves of skeletons will be all over the place so you’ll need to fight through these grunts and make your way towards the fort which is the main part of this emergent activity. Players will also hear a horn which will mean a new wave is spawning somewhere on the island so players may need to exit the fort and make there way to another area to take down these latest skeletons. Your ship and those of potential enemies will be a great addition to these fights as multiple ships all could be shooting cannon balls from the ship onto the island to cope with the number of skeletons spawning.

Once the hordes of skeletons are defeated then a skeleton captain will appear which will be a tougher fight than players have fought up until this point. When the captain is defeated the skull cloud will dissipate and the island will return to normal. It is now when the captain till drop a key which is a physical item which must be picked up so anyone from your crew or another can take and this is used to open the vault. Anyone is able to enter the vault with you and it is packed with loot that no one crew is able to carry on their own. This could provide all sorts of scenarios whereby do crews happily share the loot and then go their separate ways or does your crew then try and take down a rivals ship to steal their chests and try and claim it all for your own crew?

One interesting thing mentioned at the end of the update is that as more content gets added there will be different types of skeletons to fight. How they will be different is unknown now but more enemy types is something that the game definitely needs and hopefully with these different enemy types, we see new gameplay mechanics that must be used in order to defeat them. I’d like to see the melee and gunplay systems offer more variety so the battles or fights remain fun to engage with.



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