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Top 5 Xbox One X Features

With the Xbox One X, what can gamers expect when upgrading from a Xbox One S or moving over from a PS4 or PS4 Pro. Today I take a look at the top 5 features of Microsoft’s new console.

Apart from greater visual fidelity than any other console to date, what else does the Xbox One offer the consumer to make it warrant a purchase apart from just making your games look nicer. Sure playing on an HDR capable 4K TV is great and really shows off the console, or even on a 1080p display games look better than they ever have. But what other features are there that you may not know about? Sit back and relax, these are my top 5 Xbox One X lesser known features.

Your Xbox One X is able to record 4K game footage straight out of the box. The last 30 seconds of a game can be recorded showing off your great gaming moments. If 30 seconds is not long enough, and of course it isn’t, then you can plug in an external USB 3 drive and have the capability of recording up to an hour worth of footage. This drive can also be plugged into a computer where videos can be edited.

For those upgrading from an Xbox One S, the rest of your new Xbox One X is virtually identical to Microsoft’s slim version of the original console. You have the ability to simply unplug the cords from the back of the Xbox One S and plug them straight into an Xbox One X. The holes are aligned the same so it’s a very simple plug and play and you’ll be back up and gaming in no time.

Apart from the Xbox One X offering 4K visuals with many games having 4K resolution, 4K textures plus the addition of HDR, performance of your existing games is increased and you can expect faster load times from your games as well as a snappier interface as well. The faster load times cannot be understated as they can very very noticeable, making the loading of repeat sequences that much faster. Nobody likes load time let alone long load times so this is a fantastic feature that the Xbox One X will offer everybody.

Leading on from faster load times into another performance related benefit is when it comes to backwards compatibility. Microsoft made a great decision in bringing older Xbox 360 and some original Xbox games over to the Xbox One so people can still play many of these classic games on current gen hardware. Already a great feature on the base Xbox One but the Xbox One X takes it even further with better performance and an increase in resolution across many of the titles. Of course, these are older games so they don’t hold up as much as current generation games, but it’s a great feature to have these games being able to be played on the console and for them to perform better.

Lastly we have those games that give players the option of how they would like the game to run whilst their playing. Some games such as The Witcher 3 or Gears of War 4 give players the option of of favouring screen resolution such as 4K, or close to 4K, or whether the game should favour performance instead. In Gears of War 4 for example, the single player campaign runs at a fairly consistent frame rate of 30fps on the base Xbox One and Xbox One S. What the Xbox One X offers on the other hand is the option to play the campaign at a 1080p resolution instead of 4K but have the framerate increased to a locked 60fps. Playing the campaign on this mode is night and day compared to 30fps and brings it inline with the multiplayer and horde modes.



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