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Sea Of Thieves – Most Wanted Features!

Sea Of Thieves Most Wanted Features. These are what I want to see in this gorgeous open world pirate game in post launch and in future content drops. This fantasy pirate game has the freedom to include so much. Lets take a look at some ideas of what Sea Of Thieves could include in the future. From monsters, to cities and heavy customization and housing. So attach that peg leg and lets dive in…

As Sea Of Thieves draws even closer by the day until its final launch on March 20th, i want to focus on some things I want to see in the game post launch and at various stages of the future. So much can be done in this incredible so hopefully, this video finds its way in front of the great minds at Rare. You are all onto something special with this game and these things have the opportunity to make it even greater.

Ok so Rare has made everyone happy with the announcement of the Kraken being in the game. That huge tentacled beast that can rip apart ships and cause havoc for players. If you don’t know then hit the link above to find out or the link in the description. There are a multitude of mythical sea beasts that could make their way into the game, each of them perhaps having there own parts of the world where they are. To make it even greater these areas could cross with each other where players have the chance to witness two large sea creatures fighting it out with each other. Should crews take both of these creatures down then even more legendary rewards and gear could be earned, rewards that only drop from these encounters. And on a side note, it would be incredible to sometimes see these creatures, including huge eels swimming beneath the water as you sail past. Unknowing if they will attack you or not.

And lets talk some more about the amazing water that exists in this game. Well, not so much about the water itself but what could exist deep below it. It would be great to have underwater cities in this game. Grand buildings that would also have its own sea life that would exist inside of it. These structures could be made to have large air pockets within them for players to move around freely. Instead of straight up enemies, these areas could be more dedicated to puzzles or more complicated riddles that need to be solved for rare loot. If enemies were in these areas then they need to be different from those on the islands. The lore surrounding these areas could be incorporated into new quests or missions to, especially multi-part quests that take players to several areas within the game world, each adding to the lore and fleshing it out.

Up next i want customization to be expanded upon to include ships much more than what has already been discussed in Sea of Thieves updates up until this point. Adding to the topic of the Kraken and other monsters, when these are fought, especially if there are very rare varients of them, there should be trophies that could be adorned on to the outside of your ship that other players could easily see, showing them the battles and achievements that you or your crew has been victorious in. These trophies could come with added perks for your ship to. An example being that if you slayed a monster or kraken in a certain part of the world, then perhaps your ship or crew does +5% damage to enemies in the area. In regards to other players, maybe the perk could be that enemy ships are more easily seen or you are able to tell if the ship is carrying any loot chests and the type of chest they have.

Rare have mentioned that they have the ability to change islands in the game and what is contained on them quite easily, taking this a step even further would be to have new islands that are out of sight beneath the water but that spring up above the waves and tower into the sky. Imagine seeing this occur and the surrounding water has huge waves appear and the water becomes incredibly choppy and rough. These could have rare loot and enemies that only exist for a small amount of time before the island recedes back under water. These areas of the map could have visual clues as to where they are such as pieces of debris floating around but no set time as to when the event occurs. On a side note there could also be islands that could be sunk due to large waves and storms taking them out.

Taking customization further as well, I’d like the idea of player hideouts to be expanded on with a crew all being able to have their own houses, on a certain island all together and these would function as a place that cannot be looted by anyone else. Places to store items and trophies that are earned during playtime. Adding to this could be the ability to customise the island itself in certain ways. This level of customization would more visual than serving any real greater purpose with the housing and island simply existing in the player or players instance of the game world.

I’d also be wanting to have a few islands in the game which were large and had larger towns on them. Places full of NPCs and other players. Certain services could only be found on these larger islands with the merchants selling many more goods. Prices could be cheaper to buy from these merchants when compared to smaller settlements but when selling any items, players receive less for their goods. These larger towns or outposts will really make the world feel alive and will become places where players can just hang out in the game. There could be various mini games to get involved in where people could gamble for money, their chests and even very rare items.

Lastly, I think it’s fitting that the last thing I’d want at the moment on the most wanted list would be a most wanted feature. The ability for pirates to become notorious and part of a most wanted list. These players would have killed, stolen and sunk enemy ships more regularly and in each play session than other players. Extra rewards could be given, including customisation options for other layers that take out this most wanted pirate. The outlaw persons ship could have a specific colour sail to identify them and when on land they could be identified by an aura that surrounds them or a specific piece of clothing.



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