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Sea Of Thieves Update – Player & Ship Customization!

Sea Of Thieves Customization and what players can expect when they load up the game and enter this pirate adventure. Rare have spoken about some things already but they have expanded on the issue of customization recently. 

Ok, so I’ve touched on it in a previous Sea Of Thieves update video and I’ll say it again at the start of this video. I would prefer that Sea of Thieves had a character customization system with a whole bunch of sliders so I and other players could tweak every part of the character that we are playing. If I want to spend hours trying to get it perfect then that’s my decision and I think alot of other gamers have the same issue with this part of Sea Of Thieves so far and its very understandable. Now, of course a system similar to this could be implemented at some stage in the future but for the launch especially and in the near future at least we won’t be getting this level of character customization. I want it. I prefer it and many others feel the same. Now that that’s out of the way, lets focus on what we are getting…

Rare has labelled their character customization system as the IPG – the infinite pirate generator. This is a carousel whereby the game generates random characters for the player to choose which one will represent them and be their character within the world of Sea Of Thieves.  Eight characters are available to choose from but if a player doesn’t like any of them then they can choose for another eight random characters to be generated and so on and so forth until one if found that the player wants to be.

As Rare have mentioned previously much of the character customization will come about through how players will dress their character and they have stipulated that all the clothes will be available to wear across all the different pirates within the game regardless of gender, height or body shape. It basically works on a template system so any player can wear a jacket but if that player was to also wear gloves, then the sleeves of the jacket would automatically move up to reflect this and all items of clothing will work together. Nothing really out of the ordinary or different from any other game that has such a level of customization.

Rare calls the levelling up of characters in the game as horizontal progression. Players do not work up levels like other RPGs, when players complete more quests and do more missions for the companies in the game then they then have access to more items of clothing or things such as peg legs and hooks, and their rarity will also increase with more and more playtime and with more completion of these quests. Certain items will only be available when a certain reputation has been reached. Of course, this also means that a very dedicated player who plays alot could just wear beginner type clothing and no one would know that the player is actually more advanced than someone just starting tout and they would have access to more, rarer voyages as well.

Customization is also extended to the ships so different figureheads could adorn the front of the ship and the sails colour and pattern could be changed. These will have meaning behind it as well where you can tell what the other crew may have accomplished just by looking at their ship and how it looks. And again, crews could look very amateurish with a beginner set of sails, or a ships visual appearence when it fact they are highly skilled.I will be talking about what I wanted to see in addition to these ship changes in another video very soon. Rare also tell us that players will be able to own ships at some point after launch so customization becomes even more necessary and wanted when this happens.



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