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Far Cry 5 Future | What Ubisoft Needs To Do

Far Cry 5 is almost upon us with a release date later this month so lets revisit this much loved series and how Ubisoft is making changes once again to a some what stale formula. First the Assassins Creed series took a break and then gamers got their hands on one of the best games in the series with Assassins Creed Origins. Will Far Cry 5 follow a similar path?


For anyone that watched another Ubisoft video of mine where I outlined how it seems the game company has been changing for the better, i mentioned that if they are really to win favour with gamers and be held in high esteem amongst the very best game makers, then they need to create games that are both fun to play and have the time and care taken to make them truly shine. As mentioned Assassins creed Origins is a fantastic game with a level of detail and refinement that hadn’t been seen in the series for years. Ubisoft made quite a large misstep with The Division at launch but through perseverance and catering to the fans, they’ve made the game into something great. It took some time, but they got there.


For those who played Far Cry back in 2004, and by a chance I mean you actually had a pc that could run the game well or knew someone that did, it was a gorgeous looking game that had a great mixture of stealth and action oriented gameplay. The series would go on to have several sequels leading up to the latest entry of Far Cry 5,as well as spin offs such as Blood Dragon and Primal.


Up next is Far Cry 5 and this time Ubisoft takes us to Montana where we have to take down an evil cult but there are several noticeable changes to previous games which are very welcome. In Far Cry 5, gone are the radio towers that gamers had become accustomed to and become tired of and in their place is a much more organic way of exploring the vast game world. Places and items of interest will be discovered through simply exploring the environment. Through simply playing the game and walking around players will slowly unlock areas on there map. Even looking at road signs, talking to characters or finding books to read can all give information which will fill in the points of interest on the map. Simply not having the radio towers to unlock areas and places should make the game feel alot more fresh to begin with. The name of the game is exploration and if the game can make wandering around the game world feel interesting by being visually pleasing plus include many points of interest, then this could be a game worth being lost in.


The area of Far Cry 5 that intrigues me the most is the story and how it revolves around the cult. For someone who has visited Montana, I find this type of story to be a great way to go and it being all wrapped up with some beautiful countryside and stunning scenery. The leader of a cult could make a great villain if Ubisoft plays its cards right. If they decide to really take the story into new directions and tackle the subject matter head on then a lot could be exploreD in regards to the topics of religion, small town America, gun culture and politics. I’m unsure whether Ubisoft will actually go this way with the story as it would alienate some of their potential customers so if I was to guess, Ubisoft will try and straddle that fine line between going far enough with the story but not too far as to turn the more casual players off. I hope I’m proven wrong and Ubisoft really deliver a story that surprises all of us and makes us think instead of just being a simple wrapping for some action. In addition to this, with the character creation system that the series now has, it would be great if Unisoft could tailer parts of the story and dialogue based upon the options that the player has chosen. This would add that extra bit of depth and help with becoming more invested into the story, characters and themes that the game chooses to tackle.


And with the amount of vehicles that are available in the game, there is sure to be alot of action to take part in but thankfully, the more stealth like gameplay is back which is great to hear as I’m the type of player that always goes down the stealth path over going in all guns blazing. This will be even better in my view as the games campaign can now be played cooperatively and with this large open world it will really lend itself to it.


With the introduction of the Resistance Meter, basically a bar that fills up as you conquer areas, defeat members of the cult, taking back outposts, rescuing people and completing missions, it would be good to see this incorporated into the story so it really feels like your actions have meaning. As you do more of these activities, the cult will begin to notice and start to push back. Areas will become more hostile and players will hear what is happening over the radio. From reports, it seems players will do these activities until a certain point where the player will get knocked out and you’ll come more face to face with the cult themselves. This sounds interesting but it also seems highly scripted whereby it doesn’t matter how the player goes about increasing this Resistance metre, it will always get to the same point and the scenario of capture will play out.


And this leads into the area of progression which I hope Ubisoft changes up with the game. For anyone whos played an Ubisoft game in recent years will know that they seem to always include levelling up your character, crafting items and hunting various wildlife for you to skin and use those resources for your crafting. In my opinion, these often seemed a little tedious once I progressed further into the game and found it took my focus off the main storyline and reasons for doing what I was doing. If Ubisoft can somehow find a happy medium between making the story still engaging if we are required to do these activities alot then it would make the whole experience more enjoyable.


With so many games in the Far Cry series now, its difficult to release new games and still make them feel fresh and worthy of a gamers play time and money, and all long running game series face this same problem. I’m hoping that Ubisoft can do for Far Cry what they did for Assassins Creed – take the game in a new direction and really keep what works and throw out the rest and make room for improvements. I’m looking forward to playing Far Cry 5 and hope its the start of a new era for the series.



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